Hand Painted French Lines

Here is a project we created to display our client’s collection of antique bird prints.  The gold and powder blue lines on the matting, traditionally referred to as “french lines”, were hand painted by our staff.


Custom Framed Lightbox

This is a project we recently designed and built for a longtime client, to display the work of artist Faiza Butt.  This piece was drawn in ink onto to translucent film and then mounted to an acrylic box by the artist.  We built a custom-made light panel to illuminate the acrylic box from within, and concealed the fixture with a specially made frame.

Framed Wedding Invitation

We often frame wedding invitations as gifts for new couples, and this project not only serves as a great example of our work, but also has a special story behind it.  The bride and groom are friends of one of our owners, and put a lot of thought into designing a playful and unique invitation, only to have almost all of them disappear in the mail.  Our owner was able to get her hands on the last surviving invitation, and preserve it for the couple to have forever.  To complement the couple’s wedding colors, she chose to float the invitation on a grey silk hand-wrapped mat that has subtle yellow fibers woven into the fabric.  Congratulations to the new couple!

Framed Artwork From Dumela Contemporary African Art’s Annual Summer Show


Leila Green and Nancy McDaniel, the partners behind Dumela Contemporary African Art’s Annual Summer Show, were kind enough to send us these images of the framing we did for their pop-up gallery this year.  Nancy and Leila travel extensively throughout East and Southern Africa, and bring back incredible artwork from emerging African artists for their shows.



Ornate Framed Etching

One of our custom frame designers, artist Matt Bergbauer, designed this frame to display some of his own work.  He describes his process:

“I finally decided to frame a tiny etching I had done a few years ago. I wanted to have the look of an extravagant renaissance masterpiece, since it is a copy of a Rembrandt self portrait. I decided to set the piece on top of an olive green fabric with a prop behind it so the piece looks like it is floating. It is then surrounded by a upward sloping liner wrapped in the same olive fabric, giving the piece some added depth and dimension. Finally, I chose a large, ornate bronze moulding with museum glass to finish it off.”

Framed Anthropologie Rug

We recently helped a client find a way to turn her multi-colored rug from Anthropologie into a gorgeous piece of statement art for her home. We used a simple design with small subtle details (like a delicate textured ivory silk mat to contrast with the rough texture of the wool weave), to bring out the beauty of this amazing crewelwork rug.

“Burning Chair”, Custom Framed Chair Leg

We framed this unique piece to commemorate an annual event held by a client of interior designer Tony Stavish.  The charred chair leg is mounted atop a hand-wrapped ivory fabric mat, and framed in a very deep custom built black shadowbox.  A metal title plate was created and affixed to the bottom of the frame to finish the clean and simple design.

Framed Medals Floating on Glass

Frame Factory Chicago Custom Picture Frame Design Floating Medals


We designed this unique “floating glass” project for a client who wished to view his loved one’s antique military medals from all sides.  We custom cut plexi-glass with channels that allowed us to thread the posts of the medals through to achieve a floating look.  We then protected the face of the medals with museum glass for the best UV protection and clarity.  The museum glass/plexi-glass systems were then fit into two custom frames and hinged together so that the medals could be displayed on a shelf or table.



Beaded African Necklace Shadowbox

We designed and built this shadowbox for one of our clients recently.  We used such tiny stitches that it appears as though the necklace is suspended on the red silk backing with no support at all.  A lot of time and hand stitching went into this project, and the results are fantastic!

Incredible Installation Job!


Earlier this week our art installers faced the challenge of mounting two unframed canvases to a mirror that was permanently attached to the wall.  They came up with a pretty ingenious solution that turned out beautifully and delighted our client.  Amazing job guys!

If you are interested in having us deliver and/or install your artwork please don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your options 773-862-1010 (Webster location) or 773-427-1010 (Pulaski location)