Blackhawks Stanley Cup magazines

Hockey season is back! We’re still celebrating our most recent Stanley Cup win with fun and funky designs for memorabilia.We floated two special edition magazines on a mirror finish frame, surrounded by red and black lacquer frames. This sharp design is fronted with Ultra Vue plexi glass for maximum clarity.



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Abstract Watercolor

This is a gorgeous watercolor on paper by John Adams called “Two Moons”. It was floated on a fabric mat, and then framed inside one of our newest frames. This frame has a deep bevel, so the artwork is set back a bit from the front of the frame, giving the piece a minimal yet dramatic look.

photo 11

photo 21

Pink Flamingo!

photo 1

photo 2

Children’s art projects are perfect for framing! This whimsical 3-D flamingo was created by one of our young clients and was then given as a Christmas gift. It was shadowboxed with a hot pink mat inside a white frame with enough depth to accommodate its accordion-folded legs and fluffy feathers. So much fun!

Public Pool

photo 2111

This print by Chicago artist Ryan Kapp was given a simple, clean treatment. It was cleverly matted with a right side-weighted mat to accentuate the yellow space. Sharp!


Vienna Beef!

photo 5 photo 2 photo 1


We framed this article from Chicago Magazine for Vienna Beef when they were highlighted for one of the “8 Great Hot Dogs”. We showed off the article using white mats with different colored cores, using their company’s signature red, blue and yellow colors. We lined up all the bevels of the mats so that no extra white is showing for a dramatic line of color. And a fiery red metal frame to finish it off!

Temple Goddess


This ornate ceramic piece came from an Asian temple. It received a stunning frame treatment. The piece was floated on a black matboard and propped with a muted sage fabric mat. A clean, contemporary frame creates an eye-catching contrast to the ancient feel of the art.




Moroccan Tablets


These carved, inscribed wood pieces from a market in Marrakesh, Morocco are floated and shadowboxed with a linen mat in a textured, dark wood frame. The beautifully simple and neutral treatment showcases unique 3-dimensional items like these.



Brightly Colored

FullSizeRender (1)

Our clients very generously took a few photos of the pieces we framed for them recently. For the paintings above, the client wanted the same frame on both pieces since they were hanging next to one another. We chose to use the same frame but in two different colors. The silver ornate pattern goes well with the cooler green trees, and the gold ornate pattern to go with the warm reds and oranges.

The pieces below, also trees of different seasons, are framed with a similar concept. Hung as a group and framed with the same warm silver ornate frame, the brightly colored mats highlight one color in each print. They are definitely a fun and vibrant addition to this home!


Lacquer Float Frame


      We framed this awesome work of art in a black lacquer float frame. The frame allows every detail of the painting to be shown, as it floats about a quarter inch from the edge of the painting. This black lacquer frame has a red undertone showing through on the edges, which mimicked the texture of the painting beautifully. It’s like the frame was made for this piece.