Moroccan Tablets


These carved, inscribed wood pieces from a market in Marrakesh, Morocco are floated and shadowboxed with a linen mat in a textured, dark wood frame. The beautifully simple and neutral treatment showcases unique 3-dimensional items like these.



Brightly Colored

FullSizeRender (1)

Our clients very generously took a few photos of the pieces we framed for them recently. For the paintings above, the client wanted the same frame on both pieces since they were hanging next to one another. We chose to use the same frame but in two different colors. The silver ornate pattern goes well with the cooler green trees, and the gold ornate pattern to go with the warm reds and oranges.

The pieces below, also trees of different seasons, are framed with a similar concept. Hung as a group and framed with the same warm silver ornate frame, the brightly colored mats highlight one color in each print. They are definitely a fun and vibrant addition to this home!


Lacquer Float Frame


      We framed this awesome work of art in a black lacquer float frame. The frame allows every detail of the painting to be shown, as it floats about a quarter inch from the edge of the painting. This black lacquer frame has a red undertone showing through on the edges, which mimicked the texture of the painting beautifully. It’s like the frame was made for this piece.

Banana Leaf Artwork



Here is an amazing piece of paper/fiber artwork a client purchased during a recent trip to Mexico. We wanted to highlight the weave of the banana leaf that was used in this piece, so we backed it with a creamy white linen fabric that can be seen through these details, and then floated the entire piece inside a rustic raw wood frame that allowed the work to really breathe.



It’s Howdy Doody time!

Photos for website from camera 030

One of our clients brought in this awesome Howdy Doody puppet to have re-framed. We stitched him to a fabric backing and he is seated on a fabric covered bench. The frame was then shadowboxed with the same backing fabric, and glazed with museum glass to protect him without the glare.

Framing Mementos and Keepsakes

We can frame almost any three dimensional object here at the Frame Factory. From sports memorabilia to family keepsakes, handmade items passed through generations or newly found souvenirs, we can help preserve your memories for years to come. 


This is a great way to display keepsakes that will protect and preserve even the most delicate of pieces.

                                                  (9)            Photos for website from camera 011

There are many options for backing your piece that will fit your price range and look beautiful. These examples are mounted and shadowboxed with fabrics such as silks and linens. Finish your keepsake frame with museum glass and you’ll see every detail of your special object.

photo 1(1)

If your piece doesn’t need glass we suggest mounting the piece onto fabric which, unlike paper, can be open to the air and will be easier to keep clean.

Photos for website from camera 002   Photos for website from camera 001   Pfeiferphoto

See more examples as you continue to scroll through our Best Of. There are so many ways to frame three dimensional objects and so many options to choose from! Come on in and we can help you preserve and display yours today!

Framing Vintage Stained Glass

photo 1 (4)

We recently framed this beautiful piece of antique stained glass.

photo 2 (4)

The clients had the original pieces of wood taken off of the exterior. We then added this warm transitional grey-wash frame that looks beautiful with any decor.

IMG_5769 IMG_5768

It looks amazing on the wall!

Framed Rulers Commemorate 45 Years in Business

The Frame Factory has been in operation for almost 45 years and has always been proud to be a family owned local business. When we moved our production facilities to our new Lincolnwood location, we decided to frame these rulers to commemorate our history.  Each of these five rulers was used in production at some point throughout our history and serve as reminders of each of the production facilities we’ve been at throughout the years.

ande frames2

Framed Marathon Medals

cropped medals

This is a design we recently created for an avid runner who has built up an impressive collection of marathon and triathlon medals from races all over the country.  Since the medals varied in both shape and ribbon color, the challenge was to find a layout and color scheme that unified the design. Our client also requested that the frame have a horizontal layout in order to fit in a particular spot in his home.

medals closeup1

In our design, we chose a dark navy background to allow the colors of the ribbons to stand out.  We created recessed mat openings that were used as a design element that visually balanced the varying sizes of the medals, allowed us to tuck the excess ribbons away from view, and enabled us to conceal the reinforcements required for a frame of this size and weight.  The frame is finished with museum glass to protect the colorful ribbons from fading and to display them with perfect clarity.

medals closeup2

Hinged Frame for Jewelry Collection



When one of our clients told us that she wanted a way to display her keepsake charm bracelets, but worried that she may want to also wear them again in the future, we were able to solve her problem by building her a custom hinged frame that allows her to easily access her collection.


charms hinge

The hook closure on the side of the frame allows the display to remain stable when hung upright on a wall.

charms open


This close-up shows the hardware that hooks the bracelets to the fabric lined interior of the frame.  They allow for easy removal of the jewelry, and are customized so that each bracelet drapes a specific way when resting in the frame.