Grateful Dead tickets and program

A pair of psychedelic Grateful Dead tickets and concert program gets center stage floated on a red mat, surrounded by a white mat. The deep bevel of the frame draws the eyes in and the sleek silver detail mimics the holographic surface of the tickets.


Colorful zebra in red lacquer

A colorful zebra painting was given a rich, dark red lacquer frame with subtle black distressed patterns. The frame’s color and lacquer finish complements the art perfectly to create a fun, sophisticated look.



Surreal outlets

When propped and floated on a dark mat, a set of coasters becomes a fun and funky optical illusion. It’s glazed with Ultra Vue glass for anti-reflective properties and extreme clarity.



Ornate distressed frame: monkey painting

A distressed black frame with ornate gold details is a perfect stage for this fantastic original painting by Canadian artist Xavier Landry.


Bejeweled greeting card

This matted, shadowboxed design in silver and pale gray transforms a greeting card into a sparkling gem of framed artwork. Museum glass allows the card’s 3-dimensional jewel and pearlescent paper to be seen with utmost clarity.



Color schemes in framing

Keeping mats and frames in the same color family can give a lot of visual impact. This charming watercolor pops brightly against the light greens.


We framed a signed, limited edition Foo Fighters/Wrigley Field print for Foundations of Music’s “Rock for Kids” silent auction in autumn of 2015. This striking piece combines a white mat with a color core and an ornate skull frame.




Custom framing creates a stellar showcase for an authentic “space wings” pin, circa 1954-55. The deep turquoise mat and ivory and silver frame complement the age and colors of the vintage collectible on its original paper backing.
The pin was offered as a promotion on the “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” show. Sponsored by Silvercup Bread, viewers could receive a pair of space wings by sending in one bread wrapper. We were thrilled to frame this special nostalgic token for our client.




A striking portrait by Cuban artist Julio Venegas is floated on a cream-colored mat, spaced to give the artwork center stage. A gold fillet and dark frame surround it with a beautiful combination of texture, line, and shape.



Four Seasons: Colorful and Contemporary

We framed a set of Chicago-based artist Ryan Kapp’s “4 Seasons” in sleek, white lacquer. Fillets in the same style but different colors add whimsy and a vibrant pop to this contemporary, clean-lined framing design.