Railroad spike in rustic industrial frame

Nailed it! A wood frame that mimics old, rusted iron is the perfect match for a found railroad spike. It’s shadowboxed and floated on a fabric mat reminiscent of burlap for an industrial look.




Cubs collage frames: patches, photos, tickets, W stickers

We arranged a collection of Cubs memorabilia in three separate frames, each with a unique arrangement. A gray mat anchors the individual pieces together. Windows reveal the mat’s black core, looking sharp around the photos and W sticker. A Cubby blue frame finishes each piece with a fun pop of color.





Cubs World Series: Chicago Tribune press plates

We framed two metal press plates from the Chicago Tribune, announcing the Chicago Cubs’ historic World Series victory. An iron gray mat and beveled black frame handsomely showcase the silver and turquoise of the plates.



Cubs collage

A collection of photos, tickets, and a magazine cover is handsomely framed in a deep blue mat, black frame and fillet with silver details. Museum glass finishes the piece with optimum clarity and an anti-reflective look.




At Last! Chicago Tribune, Cubs victory

We framed a copy of this now famous, historic edition of the Chicago Tribune for a client. It’s double matted in gray and “Cubbie blue” with a crisp white frame. Conservation clear glass helps preserve the paper and prevent fading.




Colorful Hebru Brantley print

A bold framing combo is equal to this print by artist Hebru Brantley. White lacquer brings a sleek, modern component; a hot pink liner frame provides contrast with its distressed surface.

Gilded sea fan coral

A gorgeous gilded sea fan is shadowboxed in a deep frame. A simple, monochromatic framing design best showcases the intricate details of the coral.

Cubs World Series framed magazine

Congratulations, Chicago Cubs! 2016 World Series Champions!


Black and orange double frame: Pearl Jam gig poster

Two frames were double stacked to create this eye-catching design for a Pearl Jam gig poster. The outer frame is black with an orange pinstripe; the inner frame is orange inset with black. Conservation glass provides UV protection.



An antique child-sized golf club and family photo make a handsome arrangement, shadowboxed in a classic and clean frame design. Walnut moulding complements the wooden club and dark tones of the photograph. The angled layout is striking against a cream-colored fabric mat. Museum glass provides a crystal-clear view and UV protection for these treasured family heirlooms.