Distressed pewter finish frames, floated modern pen drawings

We framed two intricate pen drawings by artist Devin DeLaney in lightly distressed, pewter-finish frames. Each drawing was floated between two pieces of plexi glass, which will allow wall color to show through next to the paper’s deckled edges. This out-of-the-ordinary frame design pairs perfectly with the ethereal modern art.



Star of David needlepoint, blue and purple mats, silver frame

This custom framing design is the perfect setting for a beautiful needlepoint piece, hand-made by one of our clients. The soft shades of iris and ice blue mats extend the needlepoint’s colors outward, while the deep beveled frame echoes the Star of David’s shape. It’s glazed with UltraVue glass that allows the small details of the threads to be seen with extreme clarity.

Star of David

Rolling Stones Mexico City poster in purple and black

A Rolling Stones Mexico City tour poster is gorgeous in this perfectly matched custom frame design! The poster is floated on a black mat; a purple mat for the shadowbox glows against the dark background and purple pinstriped frame. It’s glazed with crystal clear, anti-reflective Ultra Vue glass, giving the best view of the jewel toned print and mats.



Surreal animal print in intricate gold frame

We framed a surreal African animal canvas print in a beautiful gold moulding, no glass necessary. The warm finish and classical, intricate details of the frame complement the colors and whimsical details of the art.


Jesus and Mary Chain gig poster, pink core mat and silver frame

A limited edition Jesus and Mary Chain gig poster looks electric cool in a black mat with a bright pink core and hammered silver frame. Conservation clear glass protects from UV rays.
We frame posters, vinyl, wrist bands, and other memorabilia! Our associates are happy to find the perfect design to protect and display items for the music you love.
FullSizeRender (1)

Beaded necklace, shadowboxed in ebony veneer frame

An intricate beaded necklace from Brazil looks even more gorgeous on a fabric mat, shadowboxed in an ebony veneer frame. Ultra clear museum glass provides both UV protection and the clarity needed for the tiny bead details.



World map triptych, travel chart

We framed this world map triptych for a client who plans to chart their travels. No glass allows pins to pierce the paper and backing and a whitewashed, rustic frame beautifully matches the maps’ airy, modern design.


Jefferson Airplane poster in red and black

This original Jefferson Airplane poster signed by Lee Conklin is bold and colorful in a glossy black mat, red and black frame liner, and black outer frame with a red pinstripe. Conservation clear glass protects this valuable print with 99% UV protection.


Nostalgic first date photo and menu cover

Wonderful, loving memories are beautifully kept and displayed when custom framed. A photo and restaurant menu cover look just as elegant, decades later, in a classic style frame treatment. They’re double matted in black and white, surrounded by a wax-finish black frame with gold detail. UV protective glass prevents light from fading these nostalgic family treasures.


Signed Cubs jerseys: bright blue float and shadowbox

Cubs jerseys signed by Jake Arrieta and Joe Maddon become bold wall art when stitched, then floated and shadowboxed with a bright blue mat and chunky black frame. Museum glass gives extreme clarity while providing 99% UV protection for these valuable collector pieces.