Elephants and birds in tree, monochromatic frame and mat

A bold, single-color framing design is equal to the quirky colorful print it surrounds! Monochromatic frames and mats can bring out key colors or provide a dramatic background for artwork.



Kabbalah print in mahogany coil frame

This beautiful Kabbalah print is framed in a unique mahogany moulding with a pale gray-green coil relief. Ornate frames and artwork come together wonderfully through thoughtful design.



1960s Magnavox console instructions, bronze and silver frame

We framed this interesting collection of instructions and sale receipt¬†for a Magnavox stereo / record player, originally purchased by our client’s grandfather in the mid-1960s. Each piece is floated on flax-colored linen. Conservation glass protects the papers and inks from fading in light. The moulding, in warm bronze and bright silver, is a streamlined style reminiscent of vintage record consoles. We dig the handsome look of these unique items in a frame!




One Murakami poster, two different frame designs

One poster, two different ways! We framed a matching pair of Murakami exhibit posters in black and white lacquer, each floated on black and white matboard.
Museum posters can be framed a variety of ways to suit the subject and the interiors they hang in.




Embellished Chinese baby carrier in white floater frame

This beautiful piece is a baby carrier, hand-made in the Ge Gia province of China. We’ve stitched and floated it on a snow-colored fabric mat with no glass. It’s surrounded by a floater frame for a clean, simple look that gives the textile center stage.


Shadowboxed: U of I Illini marching band cape

We love how this University of Illinois marching band cape looks framed! Our expert framers arranged and stitched the fabric to drape beautifully against the white mat backing. It’s shadowboxed in a vibrant color to match the cape. UltraVue glass is anti-reflective and allows a crystal clear view.


America’s Cup World Series, poster and passes in metal frame

This America’s Cup Navy Pier poster was matted and framed with a lanyard ribbon, creatively laid out over two event passes. The narrow metal frame looks clean and streamlined. Museum glass provides anti-reflection, extreme clarity, and 99% UV protection.


Cubs cross stitch in blue frame

A client’s cross stitch looks fantastic in a Cubbie blue frame – a perfect match. We frame cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidered and beaded pieces, and other textiles!


Red pinstripe black frame for Harley Quinn and Deadpool

A black frame with a red pinstripe pairs beautifully with this signed Harley Quinn / Deadpool print. Love buying prints at comic book conventions? We love framing them!


Embroidered, beaded Persian silks, ornate gold frame

These two Persian embroidered and beaded silk pieces are gorgeous in a dark gold frame with a beautiful, intricate pattern. They’re carefully stitched to board and glazed with extremely clear, anti-reflective UltraVue glass.