At Last! Chicago Tribune, Cubs victory

We framed a copy of this now famous, historic edition of the Chicago Tribune for a client. It’s double matted in gray and “Cubbie blue” with a crisp white frame. Conservation clear glass helps preserve the paper and prevent fading.




Colorful Hebru Brantley print

A bold framing combo is equal to this print by artist Hebru Brantley. White lacquer brings a sleek, modern component; a hot pink liner frame provides contrast with its distressed surface.

Gilded sea fan coral

A gorgeous gilded sea fan is shadowboxed in a deep frame. A simple, monochromatic framing design best showcases the intricate details of the coral.

Cubs World Series framed magazine

Congratulations, Chicago Cubs! 2016 World Series Champions!


Black and orange double frame: Pearl Jam gig poster

Two frames were double stacked to create this eye-catching design for a Pearl Jam gig poster. The outer frame is black with an orange pinstripe; the inner frame is orange inset with black. Conservation glass provides UV protection.



An antique child-sized golf club and family photo make a handsome arrangement, shadowboxed in a classic and clean frame design. Walnut moulding complements the wooden club and dark tones of the photograph. The angled layout is striking against a cream-colored fabric mat. Museum glass provides a crystal-clear view and UV protection for these treasured family heirlooms.





Egg-themed framed print

A cheerful print pairs perfectly with a white lacquer frame and white mat with a vivid orange core. The frame treatment echoes the art, resembling an egg for an all-around quirky and fun theme!



Grateful Dead show souvenirs

A pair of psychedelic Grateful Dead tickets and concert program get center stage floated on a red mat, surrounded by a white mat. The deep bevel of the frame draws the eyes in and the sleek silver detail mimics the holographic surface of the tickets.


Antique barber supplies

We designed a unique arrangement for a client’s antique items: a watch, a medallion, spectacles, a bible, a dried bloom, and tools from a shaving kit. The pieces are floated on a textured fabric mat and shadowboxed in a rich, dark brown wood frame for a clean and classic look.




Marathon medals

These marathon medals from six races run in four different countries – including an Abbott World Marathon Majors medal – make a strong statement as one framed piece. Each medal has its own mat window with a silver fillet and mounted on a black mat. A dark brown frame completes the clean, simple look that lets the medals stand out.