Toloczko angel prints in beaded pewter frame, beaded fillet

A pair of angel prints by Ray Toloczko looks beautiful in a beaded, beveled frame in brushed pewter. Subtle metallic veining in the pewter finish complements the brushed onyx mat and the beaded fillet echoes the frame’s details. Conservation clear glass offers 99% UV protection to protect the art from fading.



Dog paw print casts in ivory frame

Framed, shadowboxed paw prints are a sweet tribute to beloved four-legged family members. Framing is a wonderful way to protect and display paw casts, collars, tags, and other cherished memories of our pets.


Abstract mixed media in silver beveled frame

This striking, abstract mixed media piece looks beautiful in its beveled, water-gilded silver frame. UltraVue glass provides extreme clarity and anti-reflection, giving the best view of the iridescent, pearly paints in the artwork.



“BatBond” canvas in silver float frame

“BatBond” by Canadian artist Stikki Peaches, looks dynamic in a handsome water-gilded silver float frame with a dark interior.


Hand-crafted boxes made from frames!

We’re excited to feature and sell these beautiful, hand-crafted boxes made from frame mouldings! Our expert framers used their amazing skills and creativity to make these lidded boxes. Each box is unique, made of different wood mouldings and fabric linings, some with mirror inserts. Looking for the perfect gift? These beauties are available now at our Bucktown design center!











Cloud charcoal drawings, contemporary stainless silver frame

A diptych of beautiful charcoal drawings “Ipswich 1 and 2” by artist Sarah Reynolds is framed and shadowboxed in a tall cap moulding. The stainless silver finish gives an elegant, clean, contemporary look and plexi glass keeps these large artworks lightweight for wall display.




Dollar bills in unique ball frame

A sheet of uncut dollar bills looks like a million bucks in a fun and unusual silver-finish ball frame. They’re floated on a vellum-colored mat and glazed with UV-protective glass.




Vintage print in distressed green and gold frame

A vintage classical print is beautifully staged in distressed green frame with brightly gilded details. Conservation Clear glass provides 99% UV protection.



Baobab tree print, black mat and distressed black frame

A “Baobab under the Milky Way” lithograph by James Delaney looks serene floated on an ink-black mat in a distressed wood frame. Anti-reflective UltraVue glass allows the dark print to be seen with extreme clarity.



Elephants and birds in tree, monochromatic frame and mat

A bold, single-color framing design is equal to the quirky colorful print it surrounds! Monochromatic frames and mats can bring out key colors or provide a dramatic background for artwork.