Silver spiral frame, fuschia and gray mats for unicorn and elephant art

We framed a charming pair of original illustrations in a silver spiral frame, each floated on mats in fuschia and soft gray, complementing the animals’ individual colors. Ultra Vue glass provides extreme clarity and is anti-reflective.



Vintage phone: shadowboxed floater frame in walnut and silver

We love this dazzling gem of a vintage phone, mounted in a handsome walnut float frame with bright silver edges and black linen matboard. This piece is on display at The Vig restaurant in Old Town, in honor of the restaurant owner’s family member who once owned the phone.


Antique enamel ‘V’ in dark gold frame with floral details

We framed this antique enamel ‘V’ and information about it for our friends at The Vig restaurant! The ‘V’ ornament was a gift to the Vig from one of their patrons. Black mat board with a reverse bevel creates a small platform for the newspaper clipping. All the items were then mounted on white rag mat board and glazed with extremely clear, anti-reflective UltraVue glass. A vintage style frame moulding in dark gold surrounds this pretty arrangement. This lovely piece can be seen at The Vig restaurant in the Old Town neighborhood.


Gold ball frame, holographic Grateful Dead poster

This Grateful Dead print is dazzling in an unusual gold ball frame. A narrow black mat gives the right amount of contrast to let the holographic paper and colors pop. Ultra Vue glass is anti-reflective and allows a crystal clear view.




Silver textured frame for holographic Grateful Dead poster, bracelets

We framed this fantastic, fun Grateful Dead arrangement in an eye-catching combination of a shiny, brushed onyx mat and textured silver moulding. We matted the print and mounted two bracelets below it. Anti-reflective Ultra Vue glass allows the holographic paper to be seen with extreme clarity.




Butterfly dance by Awa Tsireh, brown-gold frame and teal mat

This beautiful illustration of a Native American butterfly dancer by artist Awa Tsireh is framed in a beveled brown-gold moulding with rope detail. Double mats in ivory and teal echo the colors of the art and conservation clear glass provides UV protection for this vintage piece.


WWII tool kit, shadowboxed in bronze frame

Thank you on this Veterans Day to all those who served.
We framed a client’s tool kit that he carried with him during World War II. The cloth case is floated and shadowboxed on olive green linen surrounded by a beveled wood moulding in bronze finish. This handsomely designed piece displays the kit and the custom plaque reminds viewers of its significance.


FullSizeRender (1)

Victorian cigarette cards, elegant black and silver frame

We framed a set of Victorian-era collectible cards; cards like these were included inside of cigarette boxes. This particular set is illustrated with instructions for injuries. We mounted each card with photo corners on a dark brown mat and framed them in an elegant black scoop moulding with rounded silver lining. Conservation clear glass helps keep the antique paper from fading.



Industrial rust-finish frame, dark brown mat: “White Devil” by Diana Solis

A print of “White Devil” by Mexican artist Diana Solis is divine in a loam-brown mat and an industrial frame with a faux rust finish. The gorgeous monochromatic moulding and mat design becomes an extension of the artwork it surrounds.

WhiteDevil1-FitzpatrickCurtis 96552

WhiteDevil2-FitzpatrickCurtis 96552

Dark frame and mat combo: “City Kids in the Woods” painting, Diana Solis

A deep beveled frame and black mat set a beautifully simple and dark stage for this painting, “City Kids in the Woods” by Mexican artist Diana Solis. Conservation clear glazing helps protect this original art from fading.