Antique family photos in ornate silver frames with easel backs

We framed these beautiful old family photos in an elegant and ornate silver embossed frame. Different mats – including an oval opening – add variety while museum glass provides extreme clarity, 99% UV protection, and anti-reflection. The frames are propped up with custom-sized easel backs for a sweet and sentimental tabletop display.IMG_5088


“Hate Is Over/Frida Kahlo” mixed media shadowboxed in black lacquer

The gorgeous glossy finish of a black lacquer frame beautifully complements this stunning mixed media piece “Hate Is Over” by Mexican artist Victoria Villasana (Villana Art). It’s floated on a white mat, bottom-weighted and shadowboxed to showcase the yarn fringe.


Golf photo, bird feathers with AstroTurf mat

A caddy’s photograph and two bird feathers found on the golf course look beautiful in a coffee-colored cap frame. A bottom-weighted AstroTurf mat brings the golf theme together perfectly; the mat continues along the inside of the frame moulding, as a shadowbox. Conservation glass protects these sentimental items from fading.


Hermes scarf in ebony walnut frame, gold and mahogany liner

A gorgeous Hermes silk scarf looks spectacular in an ebony walnut frame with a gold and mahogany liner. It’s glazed with UV protective glass to keep the textile from fading.

Reynolds 97743

Robert Aswani painting in bubble frame

We framed this striking painting by African artist Robert Aswani in a gorgeous bubble frame in a dark plum finish. The unusual moulding complements the lively shapes and textures on the canvas.



Colorful Wilco print series, clean-lined white frames

Simple, clean-lined frames are a wonderful option for artwork with busy patterns and bright colors and can help tie a series together with a consistent look. We love how these Wilco prints look in a satin white cap moulding! They’re glazed with museum glass for extreme clarity and 99% UV protection.



Sentrock art spray cans in acrylic case

Along with custom framing, we also provide acrylic display cases! We’ll work with you to find the best solution for objects and artwork, like this gorgeous set of spray paint cans, created and signed by artist Sentrock.






Elephant painting in rustic double-stacked frames

A vibrant painting of elephants finds a perfect home in a rustic white moulding, capped by a gray barnwood moulding. The double-stacked frames beautifully complement the theme and heavily texture of the artwork.



Antique map in black mat, black and gold frame, custom plaque

This beautiful antique map of Marks, Mississippi, looks classic and elegant in a waxed finish black frame with gold edging and jet black mat with a customized engraved plaque. Anti-reflective museum glass allows a crystal clear view of the tiny details and is 99% UV protective.


Hebru Brantley Star Wars girl prints in hot pink frame

We framed a series of three Star Wars-themed prints by artist Hebru Brantley in a distressed, matte finish frame. The hot pink color is so bold, beautifully complementing this girl power art from The Dark Side.